Upgrade EnterMediaDB Local Installation to the latest version

The EnterMediaDB release cycle produces a new wave of feature enhancements and bug fixes about every 2-3 months. When a new version of EnterMediaDB is available the update can be performed by either using the Entermedia Manager, using RPM or manually downloading files on the server.

Upgrade Notes:

+ Before updating be sure to read the latest Release Notes to get an understanding of the changes that will take place once the new code is in place. In most cases there will be enhancements to existing features and bug fixes, but occasionally a feature will take on an entirely new form. Details for each change can be found in the notes. Release Notes for several previous versions are kept up on the site.

+ If the local environment is customized or a few release cycles have passed since the last time the site was updated, it is recommended that our experts be involved in the update process. See our support page for assistance options.

+ If you upgrade to the “Sandbox” Branch, keep in mind that these are our latest changes and they aren’t guarenteed to be entirely stable


Method I – Using Docker (Recommended)

  1. Go to your Docker folder and run /media/emsites/clientname/101/update.sh

Method II – Using the EntermediaDB Manager

1. Go to the EntermediaDB manager webapp in your browser. (e.g. http://localhost:8080/manager)

2. Log in as an administrator who is a member of both the group and role 'Administrator'

3. Select the 'Update Manager' Tab

4. Choose a Branch from the dropdown:
     EnterMediaSoftware.com Version # Releases - Official Branch
     EnterMediaSoftware.com Version # Sandbox  - Development Branch

5. Check the packages you want to upgrade. For standard upgrades, check the following boxes:

    + Entermedia Server
    + OpenEdit CMS
    + EMShare
    + EnteMedia Office

    + Core EnterMedia Server dev
    + App EMShare dev
    + Extension OpenEdit CMS dev
    + Extension Office dev

7. Click "Upgrade"


Method III – RPMS

If you installed Entermedia using RPMS you need to update the RPM and then update your installation.

CentOS and RHEL
$sudo yum clean all
$sudo yum update entermediadb
$sudo yum update entermediadb_dev

$sudo apt-get update

Now Update EntermediaDB
$sudo entermediadb update /opt/entermediadb


Method IV – Manually

If you can’t access the Manager, or just want to upgrade outside of the EnterMedia interface, you can also do a manual upgrade.

1. Download the latest ROOT.war from either:


2. Replace the ROOT/WEB-INF/base and ROOT/WEB-INF/lib directories on your server with those found within the ROOT.war file.

3. Restart

After upgrade you need to restart EntermediaDB in order to see the changes.