SSH into your docker instance


This documentation aims to set up an SSH server into your Docker container and allows people from outside having a generated SSH private key accessing your EnterMedia instance’s filesystem.

Have an instance of the EnterMedia EMShare application version 9+ running into a Docker container.

Get the latest version of the (if you made any changes in this script they will be overwritten):

cd [YOUR-INSTANCE]/NODE && curl -o -jL


1. Remove the comments on the following line of your script

`#-p 22$NODENUMBER:22` \


2. Update the entermediadb9 Docker image and rebuild your container



3. Copy the generated SSH private key on your remote machine

cat [YOUR-INSTANCE]/services/client/.ssh/


4. Example of configuration needed to remotely access your container

Host my-docker-container
Hostname myserver
User client
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/[]