Geolocation – Multiple Locations/ Icons

Geolocation – Tracking Multiple Sites for a Single Asset

Some assets represent resources that are available, or present in multiple locations. EnterMedia offers next level Geolocation tracking for this kind of media.

To use this feature, a table and view must be properly setup. See Geolocations Setup.

This feature allows you to choose multiple geolocations for an asset and customize their icons.

  • Select an Asset
  • Click on the custom geolocation table view, called GEO (or as your admin named it)

Geolocation - Standard tool

  • scroll down and select “Add New”

Geolocation - Adding a new location

  • Enter a Name for the location
  • Choose a custom icon or add a new one (coming soon)
  • Search for a location in the search bar and select “Search” (do not hit Enter, as it will act as a submit command)
  • After your location appears, drag the red map icon to a specific desired location on the map

GEO Test - Entered

  • Click Save Values
    • Your custom icon will appear on the map*
      • *If your default location has not been set, it will default to the United States. You will see this default location after you save your map icon.
  • Click the icon to see the Name or Edit it

GEO Test - EditCustomIcon

  • Click Add New for additional locations