EnterMedia 8.05 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Unable to edit assets (in bulk) within the basket – 36575879

Assets could only be edited individually within the basket. Multi-edit has been restored in this area.

Unable to remove items (in bulk) from basket – 36575673

Assets could only be removed from the basket individually. Assets can now be removed more than one at a time.

Like/ Voting Feature Restoration – 28767241

The like feature had been disabled in the past few versions while we decided what we wanted to do with it. The feature has now been restored and is available for activation in the roles/ advanced privileges area. The visual style has been updated to match the current standard on EM 8.5.

Category Picker in search area – 36175785

When adding the category picker to the advanced search area the information was either not functional or not correct. The table has been realigned with the appropriate areas and is now fully functional. This is useful to clients who do not wish to expose their file tree/ taxonomy but still want to empower users to search by category if so inclined.

Date Picker is broken – 36272063

Editable dates could not be edited or saved. This was also affecting the search results for autogenerated date metadata. This issue is now resolved. The date picker has also been expanded to include formats for multiple countries and detail preferences.

Restore Drag and Drop/ Assets to Categories – 35131067

Assets can once again be dragged and dropped into categories.

Audio Embedding – 35023927

There was an issue embedding audio file types. The issue has been resolved.

Asset View Video Labeling – 36408891

During the recent upgrade of the asset view area, the labeling for videos was lost. That issue has been corrected.

Feature Enhancements:

Multi-select should have more inclusive options. – 28803095

Users are now able to conveniently edit more than 15-20 assets at a time. The multi-edit feature includes logic that allows a user to edit more than a single page of assets. A user can now select ‘this page’ or ‘all results’. There is also a ‘deselect all’ option.

Additional Audio Formats. – 36408029

EnterMedia now officially supports aiff, ogg and flac audio formats.

Multi-Upload Area Update – 36407995

The multi-upload area has been updated so that assets can be placed into categories and libraries easier. This was done to help standardize basic asset entry requirements. There will be a phase 2 where all assets uploaded in a single session show up in a one time table results field so that metadata can be added via multi-edit.

Gallery View Upgrade – 36408569

The gallery view has been updated to meet the current view standards. There is a + or – symbol at the bottom right corner of each asset that can be used to add or remove each item from the basket.

Play Audio Types from Table/ Gallery View – 36409047

An enhancement has been introduced that allows audio types to be played from the table and gallery view. You no longer have to be locked into the asset view on a single audio file to play it.

Issues in current version:

Metadata fields are no longer able to be added to the multi-upload area. We are trying to move away from that model by taking the users to a post upload table view with all of the recently uploaded assets. There the assets can have data added to them individually or as a group. This will be completed in a future release.

Advanced features on the gallery view are available even if no assets are selected. These buttons have no function without selected assets, but they appear nonetheless. We are still deciding how we want to move forward with the overhead menus in this area. The overhead add to basket button also produces a conundrum when combined with the + – buttons on the assets themselves.

There is a temporary disconnect with the attachment buttons. A user cannot currently change the primary download or thumbnail as the buttons indicate. This is due to the new interface. This will be resolved soon.

Deleting old applications must be performed through the file manager. Eventually we want to allow admins to perform this function in the same area where they create applications.

In Other News:

The EnterMedia VirtualBox demo is finally ready. Version 8.5.2 is available for quick local evaluation by downloading the latest version of Oracle’s VirtualBox and importing our preconfigured package complete with CentOS 6.3 and our own DAM software. Once the image has loaded you can access in your local browser on port 8080. The application comes with a handful of generic assets and can be updated or customized as desired.

Instructions are available here.