Backup and Restore a Custom Web Application

Backup and Restoration

It is probably best to backup the entire “entermedia” directory periodically (default path is /opt/entermedia). This location is all-encompassing. This directory contains the webapp and tomcat information. All other dependencies can be re-installed from our install script if necessary. (
If something goes wrong and you need to restore from the backup, simply replace the /opt/entermedia directory with your backup entermedia directory.

The path /opt/entermedia/webapp holds application specific files, so going any deeper than that will bypass a lot of important information. One particular directory that is important is /opt/entermedia/webapp/WEB-INF/data. This folder holds information such as asset metadata and user data. The metadata information is stored in /opt/entermedia/webapp/WEB-INF/data/media/catalogs/{catalog}/assets/{category}/{asset file name}/data.xml, where the names in {} are particular elements of a category set.

Backing up all of the data in EnterMedia can take up a lot of space, as this includes original and generated media. For this reason, we recommended that you create a symbolic link of /opt/entermedia/webapp/WEB-INF/data and point it to an external location, possibly on another drive (e.g. F:/data) where all of the data will live.

Rough approximation of entermedia folder hierarchy:

+ /tomcat
+ /webapp
+ + /{application_folders}
+ + /WEB-INF
+ + – /base
+ + – /lib
+ + + /data
+ + + – /media/users
+ + + + /media/catalogs/{catalog}
+ + + + – /originals
+ + + + – /generated