EnterMediaDB 9.803 Release Notes April 2018

EnterMediaDB v9.803 Release Notes Mid-April 2018

Bug Fixes

  1. Multi-language
  2. Badge cache handling
  3. Stacked view image resolution
  4. Close captioning badges
  5. Velocity new version fixes
  6. Google API Permissions only for required services
  7. CDN prefix not assigned by default


  1. Redirect URL
  2. Preset and conversion settings
  3. Velocity Component Enhanced
  4. New Configuration options for the event Scheduler
  5. Quick Gallery Creation
  6. Snapshot Cleanup (Start)
  7.  Add more parameters to vizone system
  8. Monitor: add SSL verification


  1.  Apply firewall rules on OS startup – Docker
  2. Auto-cropping on New Conversions
  3. Preset and Conversion Profiles Configurations EnterMediad 9.x
  4. Link Google Project APIs to EnterMedia
  5. New User Guide

Complete list of fixes and features

  1. http://dev.entermediadb.org/jenkins/view/EM9/job/em9_entermedia-server/changes
  2. http://dev.entermediadb.org/jenkins/view/EM9/job/em9_entermedia-server/802/changes