EnterMediaDB 8.21 Release Notes - 12.17.15

EnterMedia Release Notes - Version 8.21

Company Updates:

EnterMedia has officially made the transition from a .com to a .org. This symbolic action reaffirms our commitment to the open source practices and the global community of developers. The site is being rebuilt to reflect what we offer and how we like to do business. We will continue to operate learningmediadb.com to promote our DAM product focused on the needs of non-profits and higher education. We will keep entermediadb.net/ updated and trial ready for clients who are looking for a hosted service.

Documentation Updates:

Bug Fixes and Feature Updates:

As always, upgrade to take advantage of the following enhancements.

  • 12/16 - Added cropping for large format images and reload button for re-creating all images
  • 12/16 - Video metadata extraction improvements with JSON API
  • 12/14 - Added OpenID login for Google or Facebook logins (Documentation coming soon)
  • 11/25 - Added multi-file uploading with multi-threaded handling, huge speed improvements
  • 11/25 - Added folders to the Asset Types
  • 11/18 - Added ability to upload media directly into a collection
  • 11/14 - Built smarter logic for attachment folders and thumbnail selection
  • 11/09 - Cleaned up the thumbnail status for ‘loading’
  • 11/19 - Added Dropbox and Syncthing integration for HotFolders
  • 11/18 - Added Amazon S3 fields to HotFolder UI
  • 11/06 - Cleaned up collections menus
  • 10/28 - Added rendering of search joins
  • 10/22 - Added TLS support for emailing out with Gmail
  • 10/22 - Fixed email issue when sending notifications
  • 10/22 - Allow export for assets from search results
  • 10/13 - Added Grid view with larger icons and continuous scroll
  • 10/13 - Remove asset from library caused asset delete
  • 10/13 - Cached presets for improved upload performance

Special Thanks To:

Bug fixes, new features and product enhancements in this release were sponsored by our friends from Highlights for Children, Genieve Systems, Banyan Botanicals, and PRNewswire. To participate in the next EnterMedia release, please consider one of our Support AgreementsorConsulting Packages.