EnterMedia 8.20 Release Notes 2015.09.28

EnterMedia 8.20 Release Notes - September 28th, 2015   New Docs:   Installation notes/ updates:
  • Added EntermediaDB command line client for Linux installs and updates
  • Added CentOS 6/7 and RedHat 6/7 RPM to entermedia repo. Removed the need for any 3rd party RPM repos.
  • Added webm support
  • Compiled ImageMagick 6.9.1-9 for RedHat 6
  • Compiled UTF-8
  • Added docs for NGINX load balancer and Firewall setup
  OpenEdit notes/ updates:
  • Added pipeline rendering
  • Updated permissions for File Manager
  • Allow edit mode and debug mode to automatically reload .xconf files without server restart
  New Changes and Features:
  • Create Media button has replaced Upload Media button. Create Media offers multiple options for adding content to the DAM. External assets, such as YouTube or Vimeo videos can be added via Add Media URL. LiveStreaming and live video recording can be activated using the Live Video Stream option (requires setup). Blank Records and standard assets can also be added in this area.
  • Wowza integration - Allows live streaming capability. Requires Wowza license and setup.
  • Joomla integration - Similar to our WordPress integration. Assets can be published to Joomla sites.
  • RHEL 7 GTK packages fix - This provides a more accurate interface for highly specific conversations in the RGB and CMYK color schemes.
  • Created basic table view for Order History (in the My Account area)
  • Updated Project Tracker permission to say Libraries (consistent with present terms) - Current heirarchy is Project / Library / Collection. For full definitions and examples check the Glossary page.  
  • CSV Export does escape commas correctly
  • CSV Export supports Render Masks
  • Assets can now be removed from collections
  • RPM Installers auto initialize Tomcat once installation is completed
  Bug Fixes:
  •  Fixed format of login page
  • Annotations page was showing one fewer asset than was selected. The correct number of assets is now displayed properly.
  • Border around bottom of assets is missing in gallery view
  • Users table no longer corrupting on multi catalog systems
  • In a private catalog, new users can no longer see all libraries by default
  • Using attachment as primary thumbnail for asset preview is fixed & changing between attachments changes the thumbnail successfully (may require a browser refresh)
  • Previews of Conversions are now working
  • Downloading from Basket functionality has been restored
  • Date search issue fixed
  • Collections can now be deleted by administrators
  • Watermark no longer causes large images
  • Flowplayer allows full screen playback
  • Character encoding to UTF-8 on Metadata fields
  As always, upgrade to the current version to take advantage of the following enhancements.   To participate in the next EnterMedia release, please consider one of our Consulting or Support Agreements, if you don’t have one already.