EnterMedia 8.19 Release Notes 2015.07.08

July 8, 2015 EnterMedia Release 8.19 is now available. In addition to some product restructuring, this release primarily focuses on client-specific requests to make their working lives easier. There are also a number of fixes related to our MediaDB cloud solution that will benefit all of our hosting clients. To have your fixes and enhancement requests included in the next EnterMedia release, please consider one of our Consulting or Support Agreements, or a Hosting Plan (which includes standard support and an SLA) if you don’t have one already. In our ongoing effort to provide stellar documentation about all aspects of the our product and its applications, we have added the following docs: As always, follow our upgrade process to take advantage of the following enhancements in this release. Structural Changes
  • The structure for Project Tracking tools has been adjusted to better reflect the roles and relationships of each tier. From now on, ‘Projects’ will replace ‘Divisions’ as the top level. ‘Libraries’ will serve as a child of ‘Projects’ and a parent of ‘Collections’. ‘Collections’ will remain the base level folder.
    • Projects - Can be used to filter entire applications. Used to organize and contain multiple project specific libraries. (Examples: College of Science, College of Arts, Marketing Assets, Historical Archive, etc..)
    • Libraries - Can be used to control access permissions for specific users and groups. Used to manage notifications, annotations and other workflow actions. (Examples: College of Science\ Biology 101, College of Arts\ Advanced Sculpting 301, Marketing.. \Social Networking Campaign, Historical..\ City Hall in St. Louis, etc..)
    • Collections - Can be used to share and collaborate on specific subsets of assets. Supports drag and drop. Similar to a shared basket. (Examples: College..\Biology 101\Taxonomy, College..\Advanced..\Human form, Marketing..\Social..\Facebook Ages 18-25, Historical..\City Hall..\Construction Process, etc..)
  • Watermarking now requires permissions
    • for users with Watermarking permissions, related media is now full size
Bug Fixes
  • New Category Folder View correctly displays ALL folders above asset files


  • Category tree UI now updates correctly after hotfolder changes
  • Annotations displays correct number of assets in a Collection
  • Assets can now be exported as a CSV file without quotes
  • Can now remove linked asset from a field setup as Render Type Asset
  • HTML5 encoding error for video playback in IE11 and Firefox is fixed
  • Push does not override metadata anymore
  • Uploading a file with no size no longer causes the uploading process to stop
  • Debug mode enhancements
    • Mostly for developers, debug mode is a useful tool for viewing the source of any item for customizations or troubleshooting


Hosting Solutions
  • Let EnterMedia host, maintain and support your DAM on our servers to make your DAM experience that much simpler with our new Hosting solutions