EnterMedia 8.16 Release Notes 2014-12-22

Dec 22 2014


Documentation Updates:

Compiling Image Magick - This document covers how to install, validate, and upgrade imagemagick. This is essential dependency for EnterMedia to convert all image types. Upgrading once or twice a year may be necessary to interact with new file types or on cutting edge devices. Feature Enhancements:   Android support for video player - 83137824 Samsung Galaxy browser should use HTML5 video player - 48921603 Added ability to view video assets in browsers on Android without Adobe Flash Player. This is a small step in EnterMedia’s support of mobile clients, mobile browsers and mobile applications.   Upload primary file via REST API - 83229012 uploadprimary.xml allows new versions of an asset to be placed on an existing assetid. The previous versions will remain as attachments and retain their existing sourcepath. This is useful for work-flow purposes.   Remap asset metadata for imports - 82978600 Enhancements to xmp code for Import ⁃lookup Name field instead of ID, or maybe both (Ian to confirm) - detail flagged as last or multi select field ⁃optional checkbox - auto create xmp list values so drop down will work ⁃optional checkbox - we’ll write the user name   Checkbox added to selection area in Group view - 59486168 The group management UI has been improved to include checkboxes for quickly viewing or removing individual users. View this feature here: demo.entermediasoftware.com/emshare/views/settings/users/usermanager/groups/modifygroup.html?groupid=users.   Upgrade demo server to support Java 8 - 83137500 EnterMedia now supports Java 7 & 8. For more information about this Java update check out a review here:  http://ttux.net/post/java-8-new-features-release-performance-code/ Clients who upgrade can expect the following benefits: -Removal of Permanent Generation: PermSize and MaxPermSize JVM arguments are ignored and you will never get a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen error. -Small VM - The goal here is to have a VM which is no more than 3Mb by allowing some features to be excluded at build time. The motivation behind this is to allow the JVM to run on small devices.   AVCONV creates MP4 videos that work on iOS, iPad and iPhone - 49772381 Video conversions have been verified in multiple Mac environments. Safari is supported. In addition to running on Mac devices, EnterMedia can also be installed on Mac servers using VirtualBox.   Order ID in Email to External User - 49224109 Secure URL is created when an asset is shared with an external user via email. The ‘orderid’ will ensure that each asset receives a randomly generated code that prevents access to other assets in the system. This feature makes sharing with non-users a secure option.   In a Private App, Libraries should be invisible to non-members  - 52820163 Libraries/ Projects are invisible to non-members in the projects module and in the project tracker. In a private application users will only have visible access to the projects/ libraries and related assets to which they have membership.   All file types can convert to all other file types - 82963298 Existing assets can be converted to all other available file types in their category (image, video, audio and document) This behavior is now available, but must be configured in pluginoverrides.xml in order to enable.   Bug Fixes:   Uploader in file manager does not work - 45953321 Uploading files in the file manager has been restored. This functionality makes site administration easier. Fluency in this tool allows access to the file system without using SSH. Permissions are required.   Searching assets on certain list fields doesn't return any results - 82312410 Alphanumeric IDs were added, so all lists now return results in the Advanced search area.   Searching against Multi-value list fields doesn't return any results - 77551754 Searching by multi-value lists did not produce results. This has been resolved and these values are now in the search results.   Sorting does not correctly sort - 79720346 There was a problem when trying to sort custom fields. Now, to ensure sorting custom fields works accurately, they must bemarked “sortable” under advanced settings for each desired column.   Rewrite generatemissing.groovy script - 83498314 If a new preset is added, all assets can be re-generated using this script. Generate missing should now recreate the conversiontask table if it is deleted and add new tasks as necessary.   CMYK JPEGs with YCCK adobe color type conversion colors are off - 83041816 Previously, the ImageMagick convert parameter "colorspace" was used to convert all images to sRGB colorspace. Specifying "-colorspace sRGB" would make a best effort at the internal mapping of the input image colorspace to sRGB. Sometimes the function didn’t produce the most accurate results, which made colors that were not always correct. A new solution has been implemented that strips everything from the input image and embeds an sRGB profile on the output image instead of using the -colorspace parameter. A tiny profile (tinysRGB.icc) is being used for embedding. It is very small in size (524  Bytes), so the output images are no longer bloated.   Selected number of assets per page not displaying properly in collections - 83489504 Collections were not displaying the correct total number of assets per page according to the user’s settings. This has been fixed and the selected number of assets per page is now correct.   Sorting a field in the Collections table view results in all of the assets showing up, instead of just the Collection subset - 83491462 Sorting Collections in the table view will now correctly display only the assets from the selected Collection.   Category handling bug - 83849460 Previously selected categories were not showing up when using “pick categories” in the metadata view. When saving new selections it would even delete old ones. This issue has been resolved and the categories are now properly handled.   Module Export is memory intensive - 54030817 Some clients reported having exporting issues. The issue was investigated and it was found that there was room for improvement in the way this process used physical memory on the server. The task will now take less memory to execute.   Adding/Removing/Changing Hot Folder overwrites oemounts.xml - 79552590 When a hot folder was added, the oemounts entry was not appended unless it already consisted of other hot folder mount entries. Instead, the new entry would overwrite the oemounts.xml file and erase any previously existing data. This has been resolved by adding an extra reload mounts event prior to saving.   Multi-edit is not working for modules with required fields - 62731760 The multi-edit fix for the asset table has been added to the modules area.   URL as asset metadata value does not work - 50892675 Added a URL render type to asset fields. Correctly formatted values (links) will provide the user with clickable text that will take the user specified address.   Required Field has conflicting results - 50756807 If a required field does not contain a satisfactory value, the file will not save. This action includes edits made to other fields that are connected to other fields via data view or the multi-upload area.   Multi-select values specified on upload screen don't persist for an asset - 62019330 The data values for all fields on the upload screen, including multi-select, will follow the asset into the DAM.   Upon upload of a single asset, two assets are selected  - 61894830 Uploaded assets are still selected by default, without duplication.   Normal users can create and delete tables - 84954804 Admin rights are now required to initiate/ remove tables, even on the front end of the UI.   Poor error handling - 84953266 Error information that originates from failed API calls have been improved to include more useful information about common issues.   Issues in current version:   404 Error upon user entry into specific Library - 52822615 If a non-admin user logs into a library they are greeted with a 404 error. No specific view is selected. Default selection should be 'Details' view. This issue does not occur for an administrator.