EnterMedia 8.15R1 Release Notes

Change Log:

Technical Details - Lots of information here. This release included a lot of new ideas, technical strategy changes and improvements for a number of areas. Enjoy!   Notes from the Developers: Annotations Beta - Annotations allows media to be uploaded and refined using with real time collaboration. We are considering options for how to further develop the feature set, but have not determined a path at this time. User feedback is welcome. We will weigh all of the use cases from our customers and add more functionality to this feature set in future releases.
  1. Real-time multi-user interactive collaboration
  2. Email Notifications
  3. Color picker
  4. Editable Comments
  5. Lines, Squares, Circle annotations
  6. Move and resize existing annotations
  7. Multiple assets selection
  • How will notifications work from Annotations? Users will have the option of emailing the Project Manager, other members of the collection, team members that the asset is shared with, or everyone.. This functionality may be expanded once we have a better understanding of how the communication tools are being used.
  • Clustering improvements. Data integrity checks
  • Image Generation improvements - made thumbnails smaller
  • Upload replacement master thumbnail for videos or other media
  • Create new blank record on upload page with basic metadata
  • New approach to CSS and Javascript development - EnterMedia is now bootstrap and jAngular enabled. Groovy, websocket, Bootstrap and jAngular technology has been selected to build the next generations of EnterMedia.
  • Documentation will be available soon.
  Documentation Updates:   Managing Metadata / Data Views -  The functionality for creating and privatizing data views has been in place for a while, so we decided to upgrade the process used to assign permissions to custom areas. It is much easier and faster to assign custom permissions based on group membership, roles, username or CustomXML.   General PublishingSome troubleshooting notes have been added to the publishing documentation. A couple of new tips are tricks are available at the end of the document. Specific documentation for publishing to YouTube and a remove EnterMedia instance is also available.   XCONF Configuration Files -Technical information on managing site specific settings is available in this document about xconf files. Many properties and details can be established in this area. This is a recommended read for site administrators.   JSON REST API A couple of recent projects have involved a JSON REST API. Examples are available for download. Additional information will be available about this option in future releases.   Clustering Spreading the processing load across multiple nodes is a great way to take the DAM to the next level. This documentation outlines the setup of a secondary environment. Once the servers are set up, they can be used to increase speed, provide a failover solution and improve overall performance.   Notifications – Coming soon!     Feature Enhancements:   Mutli-tiered cascading lists – Previously, cascading lists were limited to one list stemming from another. In 8.15, there can now be three lists that strong together. Allowing more complex metadata relationships. This also creates additional potential for automatic metadata tagging through custom scripting.   Mutli-select cascading lists – Administrators can now use the mulitiselect option when creating cascaded lists. The options in the dropdowns will reflect multiple lists if multiple parents are selected on a single asset.   Blanks records and Embedded URLs – This allows users to create placeholder assets. Users can view embedded videos from sources such as Vimeo or YouTube. Users can also view metadata for these blank or external assets.   Bug Fixes:   Locking on user.xml files – 69457522 - Reviewed read code to make sure data does not sync on reading while writing. Load tested the xml read and save code. Reviewed the logic to verify that saving is not duplicated in: XmlDataArchive line 128.   Calling importassets.xml doesn't generate all conversions – 70297712 – The script has been modified to trigger all presets, including new and custom presets that are specific to a client application.   Anonymous users can create new Collections in Project Tracker – 73546704 - No permission currently exists to prevent users from creating new collections in the project tracker sidebar view. Administrators should be able to set a permission to exclude any user group from performing this action.   ID next to publish types in download page – 70605318 – Asset ID is now available on the download page.