EnterMedia 8.13R1 Release Notes

The end of the year is always a busy time in the business world. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up and last minute projects to complete. EnterMedia has decided to close 2013 the way any responsible software company should: with a new release. Whatever holiday plans your business or organization has, know that an open source stocking stuffer will be waiting in your digital stocking when the decorations have come down and the new year has begun. Happy Holidays! Documentation Updates: Administrators often express interest in creating custom events. Although the process and details can vary based on situation and organization, it all starts with Creating a New Script. For the open source crowd, there are always questions about how to install and configure dependencies. A LibreOffice installation document is available for RPM based distributions. After the recent improvements to the multi-select field feature, it was necessary to provide more information on this topic. Multi-Value Fields explains how to set up a multi-select list to display in table and data views, and how to use it optimally as a search tool. Setup Versioning provides insight on how to use the attachments feature in combination with Hot Folders to store multiple versions of assets. The feature can be used manually for individual files, or automatically through Hot Folders. Please note that versioning will take up more space in the storage location. EnterMedia is a highly flexible digital asset management platform. There are many options and methods for adjusting the look and feel of an EnterMedia application. Customizing Your EnterMedia Application takes a brief look at how to make changes, and save a local copy to use as a blueprint for new applications in the future. The OpenEdit tools and extension has been updated in this release. Some of the basics for navigating this new area and getting the most our of the feature set has been documented in OpenEdit Editing Tools. Feature Enhancements: Add Clustering Extension – 50737139 – Clustering has been added to the extensions menu in EMManager for quick installation. Configuration will still be necessary to properly set up and utilize multiple environments. Documentation and more information will be available in a future release. Introduction of Collections – 50737139 – Collections have been added to libraries. Collections are sub-folders from the Hot Folder path. They can be shared via email. They can be used as shared baskets within libraries or projects. They can be temporary or permanent. REST API enhanced to include functionality for restoring an asset version – 61247988 - restoreversion.xml has been added to the Root/WEB-INF/base/entermedia/services/rest folder. The API call should accept a version number that a particular asset will be restored to. Conversions should have a drop down for GUI types - 22050479 -Transcoding properties now include GUID as an available option in the dropdown menu. Add userName field to User Table – 60168378 - Administrators now have access to usernames from the user table, which makes managing users easier. User Pagination – 32482395 - The visual aspects of user pagination have been improved. Add facetcount in details editor for asset.xml – 61783498 - This is an expansion of the Filters sidebar, which allows more than the general default of 20 filters to be shown from a single field. The default must be set on the back end in Data Manager/ asset (table)/Customize Fields (tab)/(Field)/Advanced Settings/Filter Count. The table must be reindexed in order to save changes. Note: The higher the number, the slower the results will be. OpenEdit Extension Upgrade – 63153896 - The visual and functional aspects of the OpenEdit extension have been updated. This will affect the File Manager and all other tools accessed through the transparent box that is available to administrators in the top right corner of EnterMedia. Drag and Drop Multiple Files to Projects – 45775061 - This functionality is achieved through Collections. Translation Tools – 63299090 - Tools are available to help developers and site administrators from across the globe translate EnterMedia into their native language. Check out the translation options on the demo site: http://demo.entermediasoftware.com/manager/views/settings/translation/index.html Bug Fixes: Search fields get automatically filled out when saving a module record – 61399064 – This issue was causing information added to new records to be copied to matching fields in the advanced search area. This was a minor distraction issue and has been corrected. Preview Status getting set before conversions are done and asset is ready – 61247508 - A logical flaw in how preview status and import status are set and handled has been identified and eliminated. The status will now be set upon completion of the conversion attempt. Length property of video is not being reported accurately – 61248156 - After the AVConv upgrade ffprobe needed to be symbolicly linked to avprobe on new installations. Events don't always retain information after clicking "Save" – 61071466 - A temporary glitch was keeping certain aspects of events from saving correctly. Now all aspects of each event are saved each time the button is clicked. Resolve AJAX loading of the FileManager actions – 63151222 - Several glitches in the FileManager area have been resolved. Multi Edit of Projects not refreshing – 61926768 - After adding and then removing a project, the project list would appear empty. This is no longer the case. Issues in current version: FileManager - Cannot Delete Files – 63153160 - One of the remaining issues in the FileManager is that files cannot be manually deleted. Multi-select values specified on upload screen don't persist for an asset – 62019330 - The manual upload page does not preserve multiple values for any single field. Entries must be made within the DAM after upload. View selected option in Group Members view does not work. - 52337377 - The button redirects to a blank user page that says 'Select a User' with nothing else displayed. This area is still under construction.