EnterMedia 8.12R1 Release Notes

After a summer of challenging projects and client centered initiatives, the latest version of EMShare is finally complete. It is full of client requested feature enhancements and fixes. In addition to the standard array of progress, EnterMedia has adopted AVCONV into the family of dependencies that can be used in the video conversion process, Fatwire compatibility has improved, and Filter based searching has been improved significantly. Documentation Updates: Cropping has been restored, improved and documented. Administrators can now predefine aspect ratios and determine which ones are available to the end users. Custom crops can also be created on the fly from the original image. For instructions on advanced setup see: Cropping and Preset Tools Filters now support multiple lists that can be customized to help narrow down results with speed and precision. This initiative was inspired by shopping sites that allow users to select multiple brands, categories, or qualifiers to be as provide highly specific assets to the end users. The feature currently supports a single selection from each list. It can be combined with categories and Advanced Search for optimal results. For setup see: Custom Filters Technical documentation for updating from FFMPEG to AVCONV is also available. Although the update is not required, it is recommended for any clients who consider video assets to be a vital part of their DAM. AVCONV is open source and is currently capable of supporting more conversion options that than FFMPEG. For instructions see: AVCONV Upgrade A few other documents available in the Learning Center have also been updated based on client requests. Any client with a support agreement may request that documentation on a basic feature be created or updated when appropriate. Feature Enhancements: Clear selected X should reset search results – 58888088 - IF users have selected assets for editing, then return to the main module to continue searching, the old results remain selected. There is now a quick way to release all selected results with one click. The button is to the right of the Edit button at the top of the table/ gallery view. Note: The button will only be present in the situation described above. Categories should show links in table view – 59161124 - In the table view, the categories column now offers click-able links based on folders/ subfolders that can be used to call new search results. Allow BCC for email templates in Config – 46461513 - In the Data Manager an administrator can now assign a BCC to specific email notifications sent out by the system. BCC emails must be added to a list beforehand. Multiple addresses can be BCC'd on each event. From address must be established for each event, or the system will fall back on a default. Basic documentation is available. See: BCC on Email Templates Center download page – 46210947 - Visual enhancement to improve the layout of the downloads page. After deleting assets, return to results lists no assets – 56530620 - The feature has been modifiedd to return users to any assets remaining from the most previous search. So, as long as the user does not select all and delete all search results then there will still be assets in the search view when the user clicks return to results. Add module deselection X – 58889668 - The deselection feature that is available in the Assets module has been added to default and custom modules as well. Setting libraries to use Multi-Select for searching does not work – 59129318 - The Library feature has been expanded to allow multi-select searching capability. Allow fallback for audio to be turned off – 58888584 - This enhancement allows for the audio file created during the conversion process to be used for playback. The file can be located in the WEB-INF/data/media/catalogs/public/generated/users/..../audio.mp3 folder. In order to activate the feature the preset configuration for MP3 files will need to be edited. Go to Settings | Preferences | Preset Configuration | Mp3 Settings | useoriginalmediawhenpossible | Change value to 'false'. Bug Fixes: Multi-Edit should override required fields – 57943850 - When multi-editing a group of assets, required fields with predetermined values would remain unaltered while required fields with undetermined values would change according to the input of the user. This has been corrected. Deleting an Asset does not Unselect – 53077489 - When assets were deleted and new assets are selected from the table view, the old (deleted) assets would still show up under selected media. A user had to 'deselect all' before the selection was reset. Appropriate selection logic has been established and tested. My Account Area shows code – 52907723 - This was a temporary glitch that some clients experienced when downloading a dev version of EnterMedia. The issue showed a small amount of text next to each of the tabs in the My Account area. This is not a problem in 8.12R1. Mutli-Deleting Issues – 53077283 - Some users reported having issues attempting to delete more than one page of assets (including originals) at the same time. Thanks to this feedback, the bug was prioritized and fixed quickly. This issue was been tested by deleting multiple pages of assets on the demo site and is now closed. Cannot export over multiple pages – 54631398 - Some administrative users who did exports with large data sets sometimes experienced problems with the export process. The issue has been resolved. Multi-Edit issues within Modules – 55906032 - Batch editing in any module would result in the creation of a new line and would not allow the editing of any metadata of selected assets. The editing issue is now fixed, but there is an issue with the selection process that is currently being investigated. See: 59354030 in the next section for more information. Ensure that category picker will not cache – 58983690 - One client reported a caching issue with the category picker. The code has been checked and modified to make sure that this will not be an issue for any other environments. When in gallery mode filters jump the search results back to table view – 59137886 - This was a temporary issue that was introduced as filters were being tested and upgraded. This is not a problem in the current release. When categories are clicked filters are not updated – 59137286 - In the current version of filters, clicking a category will update the filters to show specific available (list) options and relative numbers of assets contained therein. File Size Search Complication – 40487479 - When users would search based on file size the system would respond with a glitch. The feature has been reworked. The current state of the feature allows users to search by predefined or custom ranges. Note: The numbers listed are in bytes, so, 1,000 = 1KB. Adding and removing a group from a user only works once – 58889496 - Ajax would fail after more than one attempt to assign or remove users to a group. The issue affected access to libraries and other asset permissions, in addition to application preferences. The issue has been corrected. Select all results in custom module selects all records when batch editing – 58888798 - Selection features have been restored for custom modules. Multi value fields do not render in a table correctly – 58890020 - Fields with multiple selections will show up as checked options in the table view. Depending on the amount of characters and number of selected options, some items may expand the table space. Issues in current version: Selection in the Group view User picker does not work – 59486168 - Currently, in the group membership view, users cannot be selected for individual removal. As a result, the Remove selected, and View selected buttons don't work. Remove all works fine as it does not require selection. Description Field does not show up on Table View – 59051254 - If you add the description field to the table view, the same text displayed in the general or file properties metadata view will not be visible in the table view. The cause for this issue is yet to be determined. Attachments/ Correct Title Layering Issue – 40362863 - When attaching a file with an extremely long title the characters layer and become unreadable. This is currently a low priority issue. Multiple user Voting issue – 38287615 - When multiple users vote on an asset it affects the way it is labeled. For example, a user votes for an asset, and so does an admin. It might then read 'you and User' like this' even though it is the user, not the admin, who is looking at the votes. .cap files show a 404 error when sharing via email – 39307137 - No other file types are known to have this issue. Attachment issues with multi-page Documents – 38291003 - When attaching a multi-page document to a file there are issues with changing the defaults. When changing back there are X# pages of the same image asset based on the X# pagination from the document.