EnterMedia 8.11R1 Release Notes

This is the most inclusive update in the current series. Not since the introduction of 8.0 back in early 2012 were there so many new ideas presented and loose ends tied up all at once. Documentation is being added and updated more regularly, powerful product expansion has been a regular part of the release cycle for several consecutive versions, and our support team now includes a new team member who will be helping customers with any issues that arise. This release is a collaboration of a well developed open source community. Documentation Updates: Three pieces of documentation have been updated in this release based on client requests. Defining Roles and Custom Permissions, Managing Metadata – Fields and Application Filtering, Asset Libraries & Work Flow Projects are all up to date as of version 8.11R1 and should be reviewed by any site administrators as a point of reference. Additional developer topics have also been added to our online knowledge base and will continue being added between releases. Product Expansion: Developers have been busy on multiple initiatives that make our product more friendly with third party software. K4 and Fatwire are now on the list of compatible programs. Both are extensions and will need to be added to the update checklist if used. Professional deployment and training services are available. In addition, video features are being expanded to accommodate university classrooms and product placement in motion based media. AVCONV has been added as an extension for clients who reach natural limits with FFMPEG. The road map is stretching farther and widening out as our customers and developers continue to focus on improving DAM in the open source community. YouTube publishing and Reporting are also available as product extensions. Reporting is in an early phase now and can perform basic reports (a demo can be provided with a Support Agreement). Additional expansion of this area is on the product road map. YouTube Publishing will just require the update and loading credentials into the publishdestination table. See below for details. Feature Enhancements: YouTube Publish Destination - 50986605 - Popular demand has put YouTube Publishing at the top of the list. The feature is available and ready for use. Here are some basic instructions: Through Data Manager, access the publishdestination table, select YouTube and update the following fields: Bucket: , Access Key: , Username: , Password: . The YouTube app requires a developer client ID and code, which can be created by logging into Google and applying for developer API rights (http://www.youtube.com/yt/dev/). Support ? ; # characters for uploaded files – 49790501 - Certain special characters are now allowed in the filename and EnterMedia will use the asset ID for the URL to avoid site conflicts. Hotfolders - Subfolder/ Subcategory Removal - 39133271 - An event called Clear Empty Category Nodes can be scheduled like any other event. In order for the feature to work properly, Clear Missing Originals needs to be run first. Schedule both events in close sequence if the site would benefit from up to date hot folders. Keep in mind that the converted assets will still be available in EnterMedia, unless manually deleted. Upgrade FatWire to new Oracle product – 51436559 / Add ability to export multiple sizes to FatWire – 51571517 / Add Fatwire panel to asset details area – 51571471 - FatWire version 11G is now supported. Interface and settings require consulting and setup time. Custom documentation and training can be provided with a Support Agreement. Reset Password Links need to Expire – 40561821 - When passwords were sent from the system, the user could store the email or let it sit in their inbox, which could be a security issue. Now, an administrator can cause passwords to expire by editing the main _site.xconf file property: 1 If a site does not want to use this feature simply replace the # value with a 0 in the _site.xconf file. Clean up styling and usability of collapsable sidebar – 49899571 - Improved visual elements were added to the collapsing search tools. This concludes the two part release of the feature. Update manager should have a way to upload extensions in zip files - 49773783 - In support of clients who want to create custom extensions, EnterMedia now supports the uploading of zip files. Extensions with a compatible install.js in them can now upload via a menu item in manager. Add members area to groups - 46220747 - Administrators can now see which users belong to groups by accessing the groups area. This functionality was previously only available in the /media area. There is still code to be written to complete this area. This is phase one of the release of this feature. Mass Download/ Publish - Apply to all (by type) - 51411703 - Based on Asset Type, assets can be given common download/ publishing output settings. This tool was made for clients with large scale downloading needs. There are still more ideas and theories on the table in relation to this feature so it may continue to be improved based on client feedback. User table is not reflected in userprofile in the Data Manager - 47130127 - A new table, 'user', has been created in the Data Manager. The table will reflect the current status of every user and allow advanced searching within the user table. Modules Navigation Improvements - 51335857 - Ability to show column data to pulled from parent objects into module search results. Ability to perform searches of children based on values of parent columns. For more infornation see: /views/learningcenter/wiki/Module_Joins.html Reset password links need to expire – 40561821 - A system administrator is now able to choose a default expiration period for password reset emails. The user will be able to unlock themselves only within a limited period of time based on a single request. The feature can be accessed through the root application site_.xconf file by adding/ editing # where # is the number of days before expiration. Bug Fixes: Picking Categories on Upload Page Does not work- 52312559 - When uploading assets manually, the categories applied through the category picker did not associate correctly with the asset. This has been corrected. Default System Email Change Override – 42994317 - Two catalog settings have been added to the Data Manager: "system_from_email" and "system_from_email_name". By default they are set to noreply@entermediasoftware.com and EnterMedia respectively. Clients can change these values directly in Data Manager. Some settings are still controlled in pluginoverrides.xml Publishing duplicates assets at target location – 51241635 - When publishing a bulk of files (25 or more) users were receiving duplications of one or two of the selected assets rather than the entire array. The issue has been resolved. Email video preview does not play – 46136973 - When a video asset was sent to an external user, the link would allow the user access to the video only to be met with an error message. The logic has been adjusted and the video previews shared with external users will now work as designed. Home button and Module selection can be seen from Login – 48612473 - This issue gave users more options without encouragement to log in first. The button has been reserved for the inside of the application (still permission based) to encourage login rather than anonymous use. Cancel button not functioning when changing password – 49229399 - This was considered a minor security issue. The issue has been resolved. Clicking cancel now returns a user to the login page. Auto login is not working – 49428381 - Due to changes made for clients with tighter security requirements, the auto login feature was modified slightly. As a result the feature stopped allowing users back in if a browser had been closed/ reopened without putting the credentials in again. The issue has been resolved. Latitude/ Longitude 'saved' message is duplicated on Geo Location Info – 49592469 - A visual issue that caused confusion when saving map information has been taken care of. Cannot File/ Download from the Multi Edit Page – 39816659 - Although downloading multiple files from the table/ gallery/ basket view was working correctly, if multiple documents were selected for editing then the download would not work from the file menu. The functionality has been restored. Number searching is performing inconsistently – 49678595 - When searching for a pure number field such as width or height the results were not consistent. Sometimes records had to be manually saved in order to show up correctly for a search. The issue has been corrected. Sorting and searching will now work correctly. To ensure this feature has the greatest chance of success, reindex the module table being sorted/ searched. Module Settings - Regression - 51649403 - An admin would be reverted to the module settings, based on the module that was most recently selected on the front end. Now an admin may make a selection in the Settings | Module are which will lock the preference until another area is manually selected. User profile in secondary catalog shows code under role selection - 49227853 - This was a visual bug dependent on the situation in the title. It has been resolved. Remove Embed/ Social Network Share button from multi-selected assets - 51329231 - This feature did not make sense as a multi-asset function. It is still available as a single asset function. Asset Render Type has Line Break - 45780475 - This was a visual issue only. It was affecting Libraries and a few other areas that used similar autofill field types. It has been resolved. Formatting needs work on Password Reset page - 40561715 - General visual/ styling improvements. Related Audio visual Issues - 40568423 / Audio Preview centering in Gallery - 48828525 - There was a visual issue with Audio file centering in the Gallary View and general distortion in the Related Media / Edit All view. All issues have been corrected. Issues in current version: Drag and Drop issue in Views – 42902249 - When a field is dragged to the bottom of the list in views it temporarily disappears. It will reappear when a field is dragged elsewhere in the list. This is strictly a visual issue. Emailing from table view, or asset view defaults to most recent module - 41170201 - This issue does not affect functionality of the feature. It is being noted as a low priority issue. View selected in Group Members view does not work - 52337377 - The button redirected to a blank user page and says 'Select a user' with nothing displayed. Also, /user/index.html?username=undefined is in the URL so the selection isn't triggering properly. Download permissions need to be more granular - 46483105 - The developers have agreed to make revisions to the way downloads are handled. The permissions currently overlap. There are also an increasing number of road map items that fall into the category of improvements rather than bugs. As always, the priority of these items will be decided by collective customer interest and sponsorship. Stay tuned, there is much more to come in the upcoming releases!