EnterMedia 8.10R1 Release Notes

Clustering Updates One of the most powerful options that EnterMedia has is scalability through clustering. ElasticSearch is an extension that will allow EnterMedia to spread the workload across multiple servers. Enterprise clients with a need to make the DAM accessible to hundreds, or thousands of users simultaneously make an excellent audience for this feature. We have begun the groundwork of migrating the elastic search clustering search to the newest latest code EnterMedia. It has reached an Alpha milestone in this version. With continued interest, we anticipate a fully production ready version over the next few months. Setup and support is currently handled through standard consulting packages. Feature Enhancements: Libraries issues on Table View – 47474211 - When Libraries were selected as a field for the Table View display the system called the ID rather than the name. After one round, it showed the name, but in the case of multiple names it had them back to back which made it difficult to differentiate and quickly identify whether a target asset was in a target library. The display now follows the Multi-Select standard for table view display. Unable to Sort Fields in Modules – 45345215 - Whether alphabetical or numeric, the fields in any module other than the default 'Assets' module were not sortable. The code has been extended to include other out of the box modules and custom created modules. Remember, if a metadata field is connected to a table that consists of more than an ID and a name then an admin can specify which field should be used to prioritize sorts based on the 'List Sort Field' property under Advanced Options. Multi-Edit does not show common Libraries – 47474147 - When multiple assets with common libraries were selected, the common libraries would not be shown for editing. This feature now works as expected. Large scale exporting – 48829163 - Previously export was loaded into memory on the server. Now it is streamed back to the user. In the case of a corrupt record the system may only produce a partial export. My Account area should only show owned assets – 48924999 - To better manage private applications, the My Account area now shows owned assets, so that users can always quickly access the assets that they have uploaded directly. Other assets that a user has appropriate membership to (libraries/ permissions) are available in the Assets Module. Cascading Dropdown Lists in Multiple Areas – 48627799 - In previous versions, cascading dropdowns were only available in one view at a time. Now you can have them visible and functional in more than one area. The most practical application of this is having them in both the Advanced Search view and one of the Data Views. Bug Fixes Mutli-Edit Libraries overrides existing Libraries – 47448115 - Previously, when performing a multi-edit across assets with preassigned libraries, the preassigned libraries would be overridden by any new libraries added. Now, preassigned libraries are preserved through a multi-edit. Results per page preference is lost after a search is performed – 46458799 - The preference now holds during all standard searching and filtering actions. This is no longer an issue. Cannot Publish from Basket – 47128801 - A 404 error was produced when publishing is attempted from the basket. The feature now works as expected both in and out of the basket area. Clicking 'Next' on Download causes scroll bars to appear – 46470799 - Some clients were experiencing an odd visual effect when clicking on the download pop up. The design team has addressed this issue. Removal from basket in gallery mode does not refresh – 47128705 - The refresh count and thumbnails are now accurate after removing any item from the basket area. In addition the features available in the basket are no longer tied to assets once they have been removed. Download FPO Does not watermark – 48604951 - For clients who want a download watermark option, this is it. The feature has been fully restored. Downloading permissions that create a more clear division for original, converted and watermarked versions are coming soon. Advanced Search in Data Manager does not work – 47397581 - Narrowing down assets within the data manager based on any available field is available once again in 8.10. This makes custom exports easier Required Field should apply in the Upload Area – 48192405 - When a field is required, it still did not prevent an upload with a blank entry. Now, a bold notification will be provided when a required field is not filled in the upload area. Voting Links Invalid – 38287839 - Links to user lists were overly complicated and not in demand for any current clients. As a result the feature has been reduced to a text only read out of users who have voted on an asset. With funding and interest we may expand this feature in a future release. Issues in current version: Default System Email Change Override – 42994317 - When some installations are upgraded, the default system email address is overridden by the out of the box EnterMedia address. Check your installation after the upgrade to make sure that your site is not affected. If it is, contact your technical representative and they will assist in getting the email preferences restored. Drag and Drop issue in Views – 42902249 - When a field is dragged to the bottom of the list in views it temporarily disappears. It will reappear when a field is dragged elsewhere in the list. This is strictly a visual issue. Emailing from table view, or asset view defaults to most recent module - 41170201 - This issue does not affect functionality of the feature. It is being noted as a low priority issue. Related audio visual issues – 40568423 - Audio assets in the Related Media area appear in a distorted fashion. The functionality of the links and the play/pause options are still in tact, but the images need to be corrected. Reset password links need to expire – 40561821 - A system administrator should be able to choose a default expiration period for password reset emails. The user will be able to unlock themselves only within a limited period of time based on a single request. If a user locks him/her self out of the DAM after this period, a new reset request must be initiated. Audio embedding issue – 40859391 - An issue specific to audio embedding was reported shortly after the release of 8.7. The issue is causing the file to display on the new site in a nonsensical fashion.