EnterMedia 8.09R1 Release Notes

Expanded Linking and Workspace Exporting Capabilities. Connecting databases and tables has made it to the top of the list for some of our clients and accordingly, for our developers. EnterMedia has created a way that Assets can be linked with entries from other modules. These links will allow users to seamlessly transition from one area to another based on the relationships built by site administrators. Relational metadata can be available to all users, or privatized for security purposes using custom data views and permissions. Additionally, many sites have customizations that need to be replicated in a staging environment for testing and experimentation. The manager area now allows administrators to export a workspace with basic customizations (more over time) that can be used as a foundation for building a development environment. There will still need to be work done by administrators to accurately simulate a production environment, this initiative serves as a foundation for that effort. Feature Enhancements: Reduce memory usage for sorting – 43226561 - The memory footprint for sorting and other general actions has been reduced up to 40%. These changes will allow the application to operate more efficiently on machines with fewer resources. It also provides the potential for better multi-tasking in some cases. Add select2 jquery to multi-select search options – 45330121 - The old Multi-Select functionality has been replaced with a more visually appealing and functional code called select2. This allows users to search for Multi-Select values from the Advanced Search area, view MS results in the table and asset view and enjoy a much cleaner interface for selecting or removing the values themselves. Upgrade table view and metadata view of multi-select metadata – 45548727 - As mentioned, the UI for Table results and Asset View results for Multi-Select values is drastically different than before. It is more efficient in terms of usable space and alignment. It looks and feels like a list. Add user controlled preference for results per page – 41346753 - Users can now determine how many results that are returned on a single page. This feature works in both table and gallery view. It can be accessed by going to My Account | Preferences. There are predetermined numbers to help keep it simple. Modules list can navigate settings – 42920371 - Previously, in order to access the settings for a custom module, an administrator would have to open the module and then access settings. Now, ad admin can open the modules tab and select a module to switch to those settings. Clicking data in the modules area will link directly to the front end module content. Make Search Widgets Collapsible – 41346027 - By request all search tools can now be collapsed through a permission in the Views area of settings. By default the permission is turned off for all roles and for the application. To activate it go to Permissions and edit Show and Hide Sidebars. Add category trim as an event – 45243053 - In a previous release, a button was created to manually remove empty categories. Based on a client request it was converted into an event. The event can be scheduled like any other. It is located in Events | Categories and is called Clear Empty Category Nodes. Asset search from library – 43425689 - Another step towards confirming libraries/projects as a powerhouse feature, each library/ project will allow a one click search that produces a table view of all assets within the library/ project. Create soundboard workspace for album creation – 42918791 - Custom front end applications are available. EnterMedia recently built an album tracking/ song creation module for a group of professional musians. It has all of the data and features of our core product, with a custom front end catered to the preferences of the band. Custom front end applications can be built for many other purposes as well. Add a way to filter out categories per user or per group – 45245887 - This functionality now exists. In current form it must be done through the site.xconf file. Ask an EnterMedia representative for details. The core functionality was the goal this time around. Depending on how well received the feature is, we may try to build this control into the UI. Bug Fixes Cannot download more than 16 files in ZIP – 45241905 - A temporary glitch was introduced after 8.8R2. This has been corrected and now users can resume downloading 17 files, or more using our zip download feature. Filters reset after logout – 45258235 - Filters are a user preference and will be stored with each logout. When a user logs in they will be able to pick up where they leave off, with as many or as few filters as they prefer. 404 Error in libraries – 45686611 - A bad link in one of the function tabs has been corrected. List values should be searched by name instead of ID – 45793483 - Alphabetizing a list will be done based on the alphanumeric characters in the name field rather than the auto-generated number in the ID field. This will allow values to be stored in an order that makes sense to the user rather than a chronological progression. Labels on detail area not being translated – 45153873 - A language issue reported by our international clients, and our clients with international customers has been resolved. Translation tools are now functional for all languages and areas that have been reported as a problem. Drag to category requires checkbox (regression) - 44805907 - When moving a single asset to a category, a checkbox is no longer required. Checkboxes will still allow users to move multiple assets into a category. The total is always indicated by a +#. Issues in current version: Default System Email Change Override – 42994317 - When some installations are upgraded, the default system email address is overridden by the out of the box EnterMedia address. Check your installation after the upgrade to make sure that your site is not affected. If it is, contact your technical representative and they will assist in getting the email preferences restored. Drag and Drop issue in Views – 42902249 - When a field is dragged to the bottom of the list in views it temporarily disappears. It will reappear when a field is dragged elsewhere in the list. This is strictly a visual issue. Email video preview does not play – 46136973 - Video assets that are emailed to external users are not viewable. Download still works for these assets and other file types do not seem to be affected. Emailing from table view, or asset view defaults to most recent module. - 41170201 - This issue does not affect functionality of the feature. It is being noted as a low priority issue. Reset Password Links need to Expire – 40561821 - When the system emails a user a password reset link, the link should expire in a fashion similar to all other emails sent out by the system. A system default of 1 day will likely be put in place soon. Related audio visual issues – 40568423 - Audio assets in the Related Media area appear in a distorted fashion. The functionality of the links and the play/pause options are still in tact, but the images need to be corrected. Reset password links need to expire – 40561821 - A system administrator should be able to choose a default expiration period for password reset emails. The user will be able to unlock themselves only within a limited period of time based on a single request. If a user locks him/her self out of the DAM after this period, a new reset request must be initiated. Audio embedding issue – 40859391 - An issue specific to audio embedding was reported shortly after the release of 8.7. The issue is causing the file to display on the new site in a nonsensical fashion. In Other News: EnterMedia has changed its support and development offerings. An Annual Support Agreement, for email and training, starts at $4,500 for two agents, and $1,500 for each additional agent. Annual support covers basic features, standard troubleshooting and training in our demo environment during scheduled WebEx sessions. Hit List Sponsorship is available at a discounted rate with an Annual Support Agreement, or at a standard rate without one. Custom development and consulting services can be obtained in this form. Hit List tasks can be anything from putting a specific bug at the top of the list to building a custom application. Server administration and setup assistance are also common tasks. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.