EnterMedia 8.08R2 Release Notes

Focal Point: Projects Projects have evolved and so have our ideas surrounding them. Feedback from several clients has given us a lot to work with. We will continue improving our workflow collaboration tools to better suit the needs of those we serve. Projects continue to be one of the most exciting and ambitious additions to our software. ‘Tasks’ has been added to the Project module which will allow users to be paired with assets along with a specific objective and a due date. Other metadata can be customized and added to this area to better suit the needs of most use cases. Notifications have been developed and will be improved to allow the option for users to receive an email when they have been added to a project or assigned a task. Content Managers will also be able to receive an update when assets have been added to a project that they manage or when deadlines have expired. Feature Enhancements: Ability to Export Tags - 43226503 - Tags and categories can now be exported in the standard metadata table. Make sure to verify that the filter settings in the local file are edited correctly. Character Set: Unicode (UTF-8) | Field delimiter: , | Text delimiter " | Quote all text cells (checked). Create new share side tab wizard on asset details page. Allow user to choose output format and style - 40774047 - A new side tab has been added to provide users with embedding options for different sizes and options of an asset. This permission can be managed using the 'Embed Links' label in the 'Assets' area. This permission is turned off by default. Allow module view permissions to be edited from settings - 38290759 - A permission can now be created to allow users to access additional modules based on role or group membership. The permission must be set up in the permissionsapp table in the Data Manager. The ID must match the existing module ID. Module Linking - 42915985 - Modules can be linked to other modules by designating and setting up metadata fields. This feature will allow users to seamlessly move from one database to another based on an intuitive trail of relevant information. Documentation has been created and is available in the Knowledge Base. Asset View in Modules - 41044291 - The assets view in projects has been changed to include project details, tasks and collaborators. The assets included in a project can be viewed in the tasks area, whether or not they have active tasks. Create icon for Collaborators - 41044137 - The icon for collaborators will be a lock icon, based on the logic that users, groups and roles are security requirements necessary for access to a specific project. Added username to export mask - 39501905 - When publishing an asset to a location a user variable has been added so that a more detailed trail of information will be provided with each transaction. Ability to drag and drop multiple assets. - 39970465 - By selecting multiple assets using the checkboxes in table or gallery view, multiple assets can be moved into a category. The total number of assets is indicated by a numeric tag on the top thumbnail and confirmed by a visual +(#) when the assets are dropped. Field Type: URL - 40780051 - A URL link can now be created as a metadata field. The link will take the user to the listed website. This feature can be activated by creating a new field or changing an existing field to Render Type: URL. The link will appear as typed. Create the ability to add new Catalogs in /manager - 36703559 - New catalogs, in addition to new applications, can now be added manually in the /manager area. This is another step toward being able to export/ import environments and redeploy with ease. in case of a shift or issue. Add 'Tasks' to projects. - 41161713 - Projects has been expanded to include tasks. Tasks are an area where users can assign workflow to other users. There are tools that allow a user to pair a user with an asset, assign a due date along with a task description and set the task status to 'active', 'complete' or other predetermined fields. Email asset expiration feature. - 41184175 - When a user emails an asset to a user outside of the system (ie. anonymous users) they have the option of putting a date limit on how long the link will be accessible for. This feature increases the security of assets shared to entities outside of the DAM. Bug Fixes Reduce Memory usage for Sorting - 43226561 - In extremely large databases, sorting by columns could take up significant memory on the server. The issue has been investigated and changed have been made to the sorting code that should reduce the memory load by 20-30%. Libraries are not filtered by Permissions - 43226915 - There was an issue introduced when expanding modules that caused the library filtering to stop working. The issue has been identified and eliminated. In a private catalog, users will only see assets that they have membership to through permissions or libraries. Category Picker on search conflicts with data editor - 42971281 - Previously, the pick category button in the asset details area and the pick category button in the advanced search area had the same code. This caused a conflict when both were present and a user wanted to click whichever was added as a secondary. The code for the buttons have been diversified slightly to support both being in use simultaneously. Custom XML Permissions - 42901759 - Editing a permission using custom xml required a special clicking pattern. This bug made it difficult, but not impossible to create custom permissions (IE a permission based on an AND/OR statement). The issue has been corrected. Cannot Email Download - 40572195 - In addition to emailing previews of assets, users can also email any version of an asset for download. Depending on permissions these links can be sent to users who do not have accounts. Make sure to check anonymous role settings before empowering users to send links. Sorting Editing Boxes - 38976783 - Drag and drop is now working for the rearrangement of fields in data views. Note: if a field is dragged to the bottom it will visually disappear, then reappear once the view has been saved or a field has been dragged anywhere but the bottom of the list. This is a minor issue and does not affect the functionality of the feature. Gallery View Footer on last page. - 40487553 - A minor issue that only occurred during an uneven row of assets on the last page of a gallery view has been resolved. Add to basket does not work in new Multi-Edit - 40939341 - In version 8.7 some installations were not able to use multi-edit with the basket feature. The issue has been identified and resolved. Assets can once again added and removed from the Basket using multi-edit for all installations. New Module Table does not appear Automatically - 42655743 - When a new module is created a blank table will automatically appear. This is essential when attempting to manually create fields, view, and entries into the module It also allows administrators to have quick access for importing/ exporting immediately after setup. Filter By Type Ahead Causes Results to Disappear. - 40671511 - In 8.7 there was an issue with filtering the project list according to typed characters. The issue has been identified and resolved. Safari browser will not allow upload - 41167921 - The Pick Files button did not work in the Safari browser. This is essential for Mac based users. The issue has been resolved. Cannot remove Roles from Projects. - 40846497 - When managing collaborators in the projects module, users and groups could be added or removed from a project. Roles could not be added but not removed. Roles can now be removed in the same way as users and groups. Cannot download attachments from download form. - 38290307 - Downloading attachments from the standard table/ gallery view or individual asset view has been restored. When downloading an attachment a user will receive the entire set of files as a zip. Issues in current version: Emailing from table view defaults to Projects Module. - 41170201 - This issue does not affect functionality of the feature. It is being noted as a low priority issue. Related Audio visual Issues - 40568423 - Audio assets in the Related Media area appear in a distorted fashion. The functionality of the links and the play/pause options are still in tact, but the images need to be corrected. Reset Password Links need to Expire. - 40561821 - A system administrator should be able to choose a default expiration period for password reset emails. The user will be able to unlock themselves only within a limited period of time based on a single request. If a user locks him/her self out of the DAM after this period, a new reset request must be initiated. Audio Embedding Issue - 40859391 - An issue specific to audio embedding was reported shortly after the release of 8.7. The issue is causing the file to display on the new site in a nonsensical fashion. File Size Search Complication – 40487479 - There are a few issues with File Size searching and field properties. These issues are minor since File Size is typically only used for sorting and download information. It is still marked as a low priority issue. In Other News: The new year has come and with it a fresh wave of inspiration and motivation to improve our product. The out of the box EnterMedia package is growing and our support options are increasing. We look forward to breaking down barriers and redefining what a digital asset management system can do for you in 2013. Support is now being offered as a monthly service. Three levels of access to our staff can be obtained as a supplement to an existing support agreement or as an independent unit. This will allow customers to get extra training or setup assistance without having to upgrade to another plan or commit to more than they will need.