EnterMedia 8.07R1 Release Notes

New Feature: Projects – Projects will replace libraries and merge with modules. The goal of this feature is to provide users with more intelligent tools for collaboration. Users and assets can be assigned to projects which will have their own metadata, comments, tools and features. Projects, like libraries, will have security options that can be used to keep assets private until approved for use outside of the project. This will allow departments/teams to filter content to other departments/teams at the pace of production. Since this is the introduction of the feature, it is considered a beta feature. Feature Enhancements: Hot Folders should Regenerate Thumbnails if Original is Modified - 38299479 / 38214449 - If an original file on the host server is modified (ie. an image is rotated 90 degrees) the Hot Folder should observe this change and generate a new thumbnail based on the change. The Hot Folder logic has been expanded to include multiple scenarios. Allow Module View Permissions to be Edited from Settings - 38290759 - The modules area was either on or off in an application. Now, modules can be checked or unchecked on a per role basis. The module can also be set up in the application permissions area. This enhancement allows administrators to keep additional database tables private. Widen Category Tree to Show Subfolders with Longer Labels - 39504933 - Some clients have folders/subfolders with a name too long for the category sidebar. Sometimes this is due to the the subfolder being buried deep within the directory. The widget has been redesigned to expand if a click results in a label too long to be viewed without scrolling. The maximum width is 350 pixels to keep the un-maximized application in a reasonable proportion. Add Tool Tips to Category Widget - 39943721 - In the event that the expanded category widget still does not show the entire label, a tooltip feature has been added to all categories upon hover. Filtered Project Searching - 40626635 - The Project Widget allows users to filter the results by division. It also filters results based on predictive text. Project Linking - 40626925 - The Project Tab in the Asset View allows a user to click a link that will take the user to the project module/specific project/assets. My Account Area Expansion - 40669023 - The My Account area now includes recent uploads, owned assets and order history in addition to profile information and a change password option. This area will be used more as Projects takes shape over the next few releases. My Profile Area Styling Update - 40637875 - As the general area is expanded the visual code is being updated to keep pace. Ability to Download multiple files in zip format - 32542297 - The download feature has been improved for multi-download functionality. A user may now choose a collection of files and download them in a compressed format with a single click. Previously each file had to be downloaded individually at full size. Download page visual upgrade - 40569337 - The introduction of the new zip view required a brief visual makeover of the page. My Profile Area Styling Update - 40637875 - As the general area is expanded the visual code is being updated to keep pace. Reset Category Tree should be a script and should remove folders that are gone - 39307187 - A new script has been created to help keep the server hierarchy and the software hot folders in synch. The script can be found in Settings/Scheduler/Scripts/clearemptycategories.groovy. Bug Fixes Category Editor does not refresh when Label is Edited - 38339145 - If a hot folder or subfolder label is changed on the storage side EnterMedia will now note the change and make the hierarchy match every time the folders are imported. Sortable Field Option cannot be Turned On - 38985523 - When creating or modifying a field in the asset table, there was an issue toggling back and forth between a field being sortable and non-sortable. By default the feature was on, but once it had been turned off, it could not be turned back on. The issue has been resolved. Tree Triangle Not Big Enough - 38291541 - The clickable area for the category tree triangle has been expanded so that it is easier to hit. Hot Folders should find sub/sub/subfolders - 39203151 - The date filter does not catch changes made several layers down into a hot folder. The code has been modified to look deeper when checking for changes. Tag search should search keywords field - 39896201 - Users can now search for keywords/tags specifically by adding the 'tags' field to the advanced search area. The advanced search recognizes tags as keywords for anyone looking on the code side of things. Download issue when clicking Next/ Previous - 38995357 - When navigating from the asset view the download function would disappear due to a changing of the way the link was read by the software. The link has been corrected to offer full functionality. Saving Modules breaks Library UI – 40650279 - The merging of the features caused complications in some areas. This issue has been corrected. Cannot Download asset from Asset Preview Page - 40569127 - Assets must be downloaded from the table or gallery view. This functionality will be restored to File/Download in a future version. Issues in current version Sorting Editing Boxes - 38976783 - Drag and drop sorting in the Settings/Views are is unavailable. This feature is under construction and will be available soon. File Size Search Complication – 40487479 - There are a few issues with File Size searching and field properties. These issues are minor since File Size is typically only used for sorting and download information. It is being logged as a low priority issue. Filter (Projects) By Type Ahead Causes Results to Disappear - 40671511 - The Projects tab will eventually allow users to narrow results by selecting a division that the project belongs to. This issue is under review and will be resolved soon. Modules should be allowed individually through Permissions - 40671851 - This functionality is included with the feature, but there is currently a bug that prevents the permission from showing up in the appropriate area. In Other News: Projects is an important part of EnterMedia. This intelligent set of features will make it easier to use the application to manage assets and workflow. The projects feature will remain flexible, like the rest of our features, to support a variety of business environments. Users will be become more empowered and secure as the feature unfolds. The multi-edit feature has been changed. Users must select the assets that they want to view, click edit and then click edit all, otherwise the user may select individual assets from the Selected Media sidebar for single editing. This allows users to make bulk and respective changes to metadata quickly. The single and multi-upload areas have been merged. By default, projects are the only suggested field. Other metadata may be added later from the upload table view. Users can access their uploads from the 'My Assets' tab in the 'My Account' area. The new multi-edit functionality was designed for this area specifically. With the holiday season close at hand many of our staff will be taking time off to spend with family. Please remember to book appointments, meetings and work sessions as far in advance as possible. Holiday hours are limited and only available while they last.