Customization and Client Services Meetings


Does your company need a feature enhancement or some time with one of our developers? Customization and Client Services are a great way to work directly with a product architect.

  • Sessions are scheduled for specific days
  • Topics can include clustering setup assistance, product customizations and extension development, advanced requirements analysis, local server troubleshooting, script writing, project planning.
  • Sessions will include access to the cheif architects of EnterMediaDB
  • Priority scheduling. Meet with us today if needed!


  • $1,000 / 4 Sessions
  • $300 / 1 Session
  • Sessions to be used within 1 year
  • Each session is 4 hours for opensource work and 2 hours for server tasks

Contact us to schedule your sessions and invoicing

Why Use EnterMedia Client Services?


Our open source architecture has the potential for unlimited customization. EnterMedia can provide solutions based on specific project needs in addition to the general market needs met by the core product. Proprietary tools limited in terms of customization, layout and integration. If you have something specific that you want to accomplish, or if your project might have additional requirements down the line, consulting with EnterMedia is a great way to move forward.

Work sessions are scheduled for one or two sessions per week:

Prepaid Customization and Client Services Calendar

Examples of Customization and Client Services


These are just a few examples of how clients choose to involve EnterMedia in their projects. Some projects are ongoing, while others can be wrapped up quickly. We are here to help regardless of the scale of the effort.

  • Training and user questions
  • Best practices
  • Clustering Setup
  • Failover Setup
  • Backup Automation
  • Product Extension Development
  • Product Customization
  • YouTube, WP or Drupal integration with existing product extensions
  • API overview
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Training