Whether you’ve definitively decided to use EnterMedia as your DAM system, or you’re merely curious to learn about our features, we’d like you to get to know our awesome team. We’ll be very involved with the success of your media database every step of the way, so we may as well begin to be acquainted.


Christopher Burkey
CEO, Lead Developer

Hadley, MA

Christopher is EnterMedia’s honest, benevolent leader. For over 12 years, Christopher has been refining and advancing the common goals of EnterMedia’s employees, partners, integrators, clients, and community members so that everyone may benefit from our efforts as EnterMedia grows. As our lead developer, he continues to implement customized, innovative features into our software, creating a DAM that is highly technical and user-friendly.

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Casey Abernathy
Client Services Manager

Cincinnati, OH

Casey provides our team and clients with customized technical support and training. With extensive experience in professional issue resolution and technical services, Casey ensures a smooth journey from development to production. Casey manages our client services through orchestrating demos, guiding you through live training sessions in order to ensure a successful deployment, and providing assistance along the way.

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Chris Rose
Support Developer

Cincinnati, OH

Chris is a pro at new installations in addition to being a ZenDesk support guru. As an experienced developer, Chris is available to assist with DAM customization, bug fixes, and -of course- installs.


Katelynn Brown
Business Development/Marketing

San Diego, CA

Katelynn is our content writer, marketer, and social media manager. If you’re a prospective or current client and you’d like our collaboration to be promoted, reach out… we’d love to write about your business/ university’s experience while utilizing Entermedia.


Alex Brotherbees
Production Manager

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Alex establishes development priorities for EnterMedia; as a experienced production manager, he is in charge of our release schedules, upgrades, account management, bug assignments, and support. He is the keeper of deadlines and supports us in all projects.


Ian Miller
Product Developer

Toronto, CAN

Ian is our product developer; he takes your DAM vision and makes it a reality to effectively manage your media database. Ian also does consulting and bug fixing to make sure we are on track to offer the best software available -and imaginable- in order to help your DAM succeed.

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Adam Bellows
Project Developer

Knoxville, TN

Adam tests our products and ensures quality control. He has extensive knowledge regarding the API in our latest release, so if you have specific questions, he’s the guy to ask! He is also well-equipped to handle bug fixes, site projects, and has familiarity with Zendesk.


Shawn Best
Contract Developer

Toronto, Canada

Shawn is our consulting developer and programmer; he implements customizations for our clients’ projects. With an incredible amount of experience in the field, and an impressive academic background, Shawn proves his expertise consistently in Java and customized product extensions.


Kevin Alves
Graphic Designer, Web Developer

Holyoke, MA

Kevin is our very talented graphic designer; he is also well-versed as a developer… meaning that he assists us in nearly all visual aspects of our website.


Scott Hartsock

Sharonville, OH

Scott is our trusted accountant, our payroll organizer, and our knowledgeable tax consultant/ preparer.

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Angel Guzman Maeso
Backend Engineer

Manzanares, Spain

Angel is our backend engineer; he is a coding enthusiast and FOSS lover, specializing in integration and system administration tasks. Angel lives and works in the heart of Europe… Manzanares, Spain to be exact; as an international member of the team, he also is bilingual, assisting our Spanish-speaking clients.