EnterMedia 8.9R1

January 15, 2015 1:43 am

The release notes for EnterMedia 8.9R1 can be found here. Update instructions are also documented. It is always recommended that the update be performed first in a sandbox environment. Local testing will empower your administrators to reapply any customizations and troubleshoot and potential problems without losing any time in a production environment. This is especially useful if the local installation has not been updated for several release cycles.

Many old and new clients have expressed interest in our consulting services lately, so Hit List Sponsorship will be driving development setting the stage for version 9.0. Custom applications, advanced module relationships, additional video features and more precise permissions will all be available over the next few releases.

Our new support model encourages customers to interact with us using a new issue tracker that will provide more detail and reference information. Details for our new support model can be found on our Support page.

As always, our Google Group is available for basic questions.