Syncthing – Open Source HotFolders

November 24, 2015 7:17 pm

Monitor local storage on your terms with Syncthing

Syncthing is an open source tool used keep remote folders syncronized. EnterMedia can utilize Syncthing to ingest media into the media database. Setup is simple and secure.


This video and its related documentation will help you set up a local folder as a monitored HotFolder for the DAM. Syncthing must be installed in both locations (e.g. – the EnterMedia server and the local machine) in order to provide two way communication. The Library feature set can be used in tandem with this tool. Folders monitored by a syncing tool can be automatically privatized and associated with a Library. Likewise, if assets are uploaded directly through the web interface, they can be automatically transferred to the original storage location for organization and consistency.

This tool demonstrates the potential of the open source market to provide real world solutions without the restriction of a proprietary business model. It is our goal to integrate with more services like this as they become available.

Theme Builder for Custom Branding and Multi-Tenant Environments

September 23, 2015 8:26 pm

For clients who want to create custom branded environments for internal departments, external vendors, or their own list of customers, EnterMedia offers a built in theme builder. This area makes branding EMShare with the look and feel of an existing website a fast and simple process. These familiar elements can help to increase user comfort levels and overall adoption of the application.

  • To access the theme builder, log into the application as an administrator and go to Settings, then select the Theme Editor under the System Settings section. Make sure that the model website is accessible in another tab.
  • Start by making a copy of the default theme in case you ever want to revert to it, or change back to it later.
  • Once you have a copy in place, provide a Theme Name, which will be used to identify the theme locally; and enter a Site Title, which will be used to label the tab in the browser.
  • A company logo can then be uploaded to the DAM from a local file store. Take note of the background color and pixel dimensions of the logo, so that it can be sized and matched appropriately within the application. 
  • Enter the exact dimensions, or a proportional equivalent such as half size, or ¾ size so that the quality of the logo is preserved. For example, a 200 by 100 image could be scaled to 100 by 50 or something similar. 
  • The remainder of the fields in this area are specifically related to CSS color codes. A browser plugin, such as ColorZilla, can be used to quickly grab the specific CSS signature for the main colors used on a site. The colors can then be pasted into the appropriate area of the theme builder to replicate the colors on the primary site.
  • It may take a few adjustments to get everything right. Feel free to experiment with gradients and variations.

LearningMediaDB – The new DAM made for Universities

September 15, 2015 7:02 pm

A solid education is the bedrock of the future. The tools by which we obtain and pass on our collective knowledge have evolved along the way. LearningMediaDB is EnterMedia’s contribution to the process.

Based on numerous interactions and requests from Universities, non-profits and educational institutions, EnterMedia has put together a product specifically designed for this market. The feature set in much more detailed and catered to the needs of those who learn, and those who teach. Check out our introductory video to the application and consider the implications of education powered by open source.

The LearningMediaDB platform demonstrates controlled vocabulary, custom modules for faculty members and courses, detailed taxonomy enforced by required fields upon upload. There are also video specific features that allow content from Vimeo and YouTube to be ingested as assets, while being hosted in their native environments. This is ideal for organizations who have content spread across the web.

Live Streaming is available as well. This resource can be used to connect with students who are not able to be physically present in the classroom. There are many other applications of this technology as well. It is currently designed to work with Wowza.

It is our goal to provide the best learning platform for the education market. LearningMediaDB is, and will continue to be inspired by the work and ideas of learning institutions. Free 30 Day Trials are available at

Remote Media Support (YouTube)

August 26, 2015 3:27 pm

For customers who want to track assets that are already on the web, EnterMedia offers remote media support. This feature allows users to provide a link to a remote URL code (such as a portion of the YouTube embed link) and assign metadata as they would to any other asset. The original asset is not stored locally, but the record can be tracked and managed within the DAM.


Remote Media Support


The field settings will need to reflect the following values. Campaign promise: Full documentation on how to set this up will be available soon!


Custom field settings for managing remote media.

Remote Media – URL Capture Field Settings