Whether you’re an academic administrator or a nonprofit manager, you know (all too well) that storing and sharing digital media assets can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, the creation of digital asset management (DAM) solutions have simplified the complexity of managing



How do we capture knowledge?

In his TED talk, president and lead application developer of EnterMedia, Christopher Burkey describes the global need for the fair use of technology and regional databases of knowledge that belong to everyone.

Burkey describes the historical evolution of knowledge, from oral to physical knowledge, and our current shift to digital knowledge. Because our

Complying with metadata best practices can keep the DAM UI clean and relevant to the needs of users. Here is a shortlist that every admin should know:

1.) Require fields – Required fields cannot be left blank when a user is adding new information or modifying existing metadata. The web upload page is a great place to add multiple required

DPCI is one of EnterMedia’s oldest and most trusted partners. They developed EMBridge to connect the EnterMedia DAM to the Drupal CMS and vice versa. Customers like The University of Michigan – Flint Campus are a great example of how value added resellers, like DPCI, can walk a client through the challenges of transition from one solution to another.

EnterMediaDB has developed a plugin for WordPress that allows you to publish content directly from the DAM to one or more WordPress sites. The plugin is available on GitHub. Begin by cloning the EnterMediaDB-EML project, then zip the latest entermediadb plugin folder. Once this is complete you can upload the package to your site via

Monitor local storage on your terms with Syncthing

Syncthing is an open source tool used keep remote folders syncronized. EnterMedia can utilize Syncthing to ingest media into the media database. Setup is simple and secure.


This video and its related documentation will help

For clients who want to create custom branded environments for internal departments, external vendors, or their own list of customers, EnterMedia offers a built in theme builder. This area makes branding EMShare with the look and feel of an existing website a fast and simple process. These familiar elements can help to increase user comfort levels and overall

A solid education is the bedrock of the future. The tools by which we obtain and pass on our collective knowledge have evolved along the way. LearningMediaDB is EnterMedia’s contribution to the process.

Based on numerous interactions and requests from Universities, non-profits and educational institutions, EnterMedia has put together a product specifically designed for this market. The feature set in much

For customers who want to track assets that are already on the web, EnterMedia offers remote media support. This feature allows users to provide a link to a remote URL code (such as a portion of the YouTube embed link) and assign metadata as they would to any other asset. The original asset is not stored locally, but the record can