24/7 Extended Support

24/7 Extended Support and SLA – $17,000


For global companies and organizations with international office hours, EnterMedia offers 24/7 Support and SLA. This plan includes all of the perks of standard and extended support with the added benefit of guaranteed response times and top priority in all queues. After hours support numbers are provided in the event that production servers need immediate attention.

24/7 Support and SLA is the most inclusive support agreement that we offer. It is a great way to avoid the local learning curve and have our experienced experts committed to your production goals. The DAM will feed media to websites, social networks, and clients. If these tasks are an essential component of daily workflow, then investing in a quality product and support structure is a no-brainer. 

Buy now to set the terms of your support and SLA agreement now. Or, contact us to discuss your specific needs and build onto what is included in this customizable support package.


Support and SLA includes:

  • Email Support Tickets
  • Server administration assistance
  • After hours emergency support line
  • Emergency assistance (when production is down)
  • Failover and Clustering setup assistance
  • Priority bug reporting and feature feedback
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Regular status meetings to discuss product road map and local projects

Live Screen Sharing:

Extended Support - Live Work Sessions